Ways to Troubleshoot Instagram If It’s Not Working Properly

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People who prefer to communicate themselves via images rather than words have turned to Instagram as their single social media platform of choice. But is there anything you can do if Instagram is unavailable for you? This article will explain why Instagram isn’t functioning for you and how to repair it.

Reinstall Older Version of Instagram

Try reverting to an earlier version of Instagram if you’ve found troubles with the app after a recent upgrade. APK Mirror is the easiest method to achieve this. First, go to APK Mirror on your phone’s browser and type “Instagram” into the search bar at the top right of the screen. Allowing your browser to download from unknown sites and then browsing to the downloaded APK in your Downloads folder (accessible via the Files app) and allowing it to install is the only way to get the APK to work on Android.

Try to restart the app (or your phone)

Restarting your phone is the first thing you should do if an app seems to be acting strangely on your device. Shut Instagram first, and then reopen it. Next, shut down your Android phone or your iPhone and restart it if the issue continues. Then, give Instagram another go.

Check to see whether Instagram is down

With Instagram, there are seldom any network issues seen when using it. However, there’s no need not to check whether restarting your program did not address the problem since it’s a straightforward thing to do. To see whether Instagram’s network is down, type “Is Instagram down” into a Google search and see if it comes up.

Ensure Instagram is up-to-date

Because you haven’t updated your applications for a time. Keep automatic updates enabled for the best experience, but you can also manually update Instagram by turning on automatic updates on your iPhone or updating applications on your Android phone.

Try it in a browser

Meanwhile, it’s a good idea to test whether Instagram is working in a different location. Try launching Instagram on another device, such as a browser on your desktop computer, to see if it works for you. Try a different browser like Firefox instead of Chrome if you currently use it as a browser and don’t have a separate device to switch to.

Clear your cache

A corrupted cache may cause Instagram not to work for you on your phone or browser, if it works for other people, or if you can access Instagram on a browser but not on the phone. Clearing the cache is all you need to do if you’re using an Android smartphone. It depends on the model and version of Android on which you’re operating.

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