Travel guide – airport parking

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For many businessmen and those going for a vacation, airline travel often begins with a car trip to the airport. in case your leaving for some days or months, securing a good parking lot at the airport gives you a lot of stress. To help you park in a minefield at airports, here are the five most important tips you should consider when it comes to parking at Cleveland airport.

Short parking

Short-term parking is a good idea if you do not plan on staying here for more than a day. They are quite expensive and it is better to use them if you send your loved ones or friends to rest. You can also take them and want to have a drink or something to eat before entering the departure room. The short-term parking fee varies from one airport to another, and if you do not for stay more than 24 hours, it can be quite cheap. Some short-term parking spaces give you up to 15 minutes of free time, so you can find a place or leave people, which is very convenient if you can not find a place or just say goodbye. If you know that it will stay for more than one or two days, we recommend that you look for a different airport services lot because the prices are going up.

Long stay parking

The long-term parking lots are excellent for those who go on vacation and plan to arrive alone at the airport. You can stay in them as much as you need. Many long stays cost a day, and usually do not cost much per day. Of course, this cost will increase every day, but staying in a long-term parking lot is cheaper per day than staying in a short time. Long-term parking is not a good option if you only stay a day or less, because they are more expensive the less you park in them.

Parking at the airport

This is convenient if you are in a hurry, do not want to drive without a destination for a few hours, trying to find a place or if you want to return to a well-cleaned car (many car-parking companies offer cleaning services for a small additional fee).


Some airport companies are quite cheap and have experience; They can be cheaper than some long-term parking lots.

Private parking and driving services

Personally, we believe that this is the best service and, sometimes, you can find a good offer. As a general rule, you must reserve in advance / pay for this service at your chosen company and inform you when you arrive and when you retire your car again. Prices vary because they are private companies, they are not part of the airport itself, you may have to do some shopping first, but they are definitely cheaper than at airports. These companies will park their car in a secure parking lot (similar to a parking guard at the airport) and take it (usually a minibus) to the airport terminal, where it should go. Upon their return, they come to pick him up on arrival and prepare the car so that he can sit down and walk away.