How to Drive in Sicily: Just Go Numb

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When you are touring Sicily, using a car could be the best option because it’s efficient, and you can visit lots of places. The only place in Sicily that can be confusing for inexperienced drivers is its unique city of Palermo, however obeying traffic rules is the only thing you need to follow with great concern. When you are driving in Sicily you need to remember that parking in Palermo doesn’t support triple parking on the streets and it’s highly prohibited. You need to know that in Sicily, drivers who don’t obey to Sicily traffic rule and guides can end up in a very big trouble and have problems because of the strict rules and regulations.

Driving Tips in Sicily

Sicily traffic Milazzo

When you are approaching big cities such as Palermo in Sicily, there are very many interesting features and things around, that can distract you from the road. All the beauty around can make you forget about traffic rules. All you need to know is that while entering Palermo, you need to forget the right of way option, you just need to go with the traffic flow. Urban driving is mostly hard and challenging, but trust me, when it comes to driving in the urban city of Sicily, you will find urban driving interesting and enjoyable due to the beauty of ancient buildings, gorgeous nature and absence of strict rules. Roads and traffic pathways in Sicily somewhere contain potholes and inconveniences which lead to reducing the implementation of driving rules and standard guidelines. This also makes it hard for drivers without GPS, because you will get confused about where to drive through.

Palermo Sicily traffic

Parking facts in Palermo

Every urban city has got a story when it comes to parking and traffic. Palermo is not an exception, though it is an ancient city it has some parking rules just like any other urban city. Parking in Palermo has got places where you are supposed to park and not supposed to park while in Sicily.

Legal Parking Places in Palermo

When you are going to park in Palermo, there are three major places where you are supposed to park in Palermo. These places are legal parking places where you see a blue road sign with “P”. There are also blue lines which are painted on the streets which will show that there are private parking services offered at that place which will cost you some small reasonable amount of money. White stripped lines will help you to identify free public parking spaces.

There also places where you are not supposed to park in Palermo. These places include roadsides with painted yellow street curbs, places without public parking signs and of course triple street parking is prohibited.


There are very many amazing facts that are associated with driving in Sicily and parking in Palermo. You will find driving in Sicily so interesting and enjoyable once you give it a try. You can find more information regarding how to drive in Sicily on .