Caribbean Islands For Nature Tours And Trips

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Puerto Rica

It is a mysterious sparkle in obscurity experience seen in just five bioluminescent bays on the planet. Guess what three of them are in Puerto Rico’s!

Puerto Rica Trips

Laguna Grande is situated in the north-east in Fajardo, La Parguerain the south-west in Lajas and Mosquito Inlet is in Vieques. This occurs due to the agitation of the microorganisms (dinoflagellates) in the marines, the water looks a goliath gleam stick, and is particularly sensational from a kayak when your hands contact the waves encompassing the watercraft. With each stroke of an oar, twirls of shading with heaps of blue-green lights shimmer in obscurity. You will be just mesmerized by the scene. It is said that Mosquito Inlet is the brightest bio bay, then Laguna Grande and finally La Parguera. The brightness is directly proportional to the number of dinoflagellates in the water.

Puerto Rico - Luis Munoz Marin International Airport
Luis Munoz Marin International Airport

There are 30 airports in Puerto and Luis Munoz Marin International Airport is the main one. 


Dominica forest

One of the most famous tourist spots and a world heritage is Morne Trois Pitons National Park is in Dominica. This has some amazing sites. The boiling lake in the park is the second biggest in the world. Other sites include the Middleham Falls which is a narrow stream of water that drops from a cliff is a mind-blowing site. Then the Emerald Pool where the water is green in color due to the sunlight reflection. 

A couple of miles from Martinique toward the south and Guadeloupe toward the north, 19 of the 23 noteworthy common attractions on the island appropriately nicknamed the “Nature Island” are open now. You can visit the beaches, gardens and even go on a hike to the mountains which are 5,00 feet above the sea level. Those who don’t like traveling on roads can visit the waterfalls and gorges which are eye-pleasing sites for anyone.

Calibishie is a fishing village situated in the northern part of Dominica. It has steep cliffs, some marvelous red rocks, and rivers falling from mountains. This village is extremely peaceful and relaxes your mind and body. The beach is on the other side of the village. You can choose a guest house or villa facing the sea to stay.

Dominica airport

There are 2 international airports in Dominica. 

St. Lucia

St. Lucia tours

A balance of excellence and persona, St. Lucia charms any individual who sets foot on her coastline. Continuously reminiscent, she invites guests with her calming waves, warm beaches, and heart welcoming people. This is the only sovereign country named after a woman. The island is inspiring and full of adventures. In north St. Lucia the Pigeon Island National Park is situated, opportunities for swimming, kayaking, and hiking are available. The popular Rodney beach is also situated in this part. Soufrire is situated in the west part of the island, which is a beautiful beach and a port for cruise ships. Anse Chastanet Beach is also another famous beach on the western side. The central part has forests, Edmund Forest Reserve is one of the famous sites, you can go for a hike in the forest and enjoy the animal life and beautiful waterfalls.

George F.L Charles Airport, Castries St_Lucia
George F.L Charles Airport, Castries St_Lucia

St. Lucia has 2 international airports, Hewanorra International Airport is the main one which is situated in the southern part of the island.